Making an impact through education

Hello, My name is Alesha Faraz and I am 13 years old. I’m doing an NGO with my two friends Zainah Maqbool and Misha Saqib.

We have seen your blog [] and it’s amazing how you guys are trying to spread a lot of awareness about how important education is. It impacts a lot in Pakistan and we really want to try to change it.

We know we are only 13 years old so with that being said we have a lot of years ahead of us, we are the future of Pakistan and would really like it if you could get back to us and help us out with writing about us, mentioning us or even doing anything like giving us a hand. We started this whole organisation because we have seen these homeless and uneducated people suffer so much.

We three wake up everyday knowing there’s a roof over our heads and we are really thankful. We’ve had a lot of potential in this and we go to different places. We have never seen these people give up or take anything for granted. This has motivated us to help them even more. If any of us were in their position, we wouldn’t last a day.

All we want to do is get these amazing children educated because these people are the true heroes of Pakistan and need to be treated like one.

Alesha Faraz.

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