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Anyone becoming doctor on Chitral’s quota must serve Chitral

DROSH: Renowned social and political leader and senior Vice President JUI Chitral (Lower) Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir has demanded that all doctors belonging to Chitral should be immediately transferred to Chitral to overcome the shortage of medical officers in the health centres.

In a press statement, Qari Jamal said students hailing from Chitral succeed in getting admission to medical colleges on the district quota of Chitral but after graduating both men and women doctors hesitate to serve in Chitral rather prefer to be posted in down districts particularly in Peshawar.

He demanded that doctors who had acquired medical education after getting admission in medical colleges on Chitrali’s quota must be made bound to serve in Chitral after graduation for at least 10 years. The government should take appropriate action against those refusing to work in their home district.

“Chitral gives you respect and prestige but after entering the professional life why you hesitate in getting posted in Chitral,” he asked the dictors.

Had there not been Chitral quota most probably many of the medical officers could not have succeeded in getting medical seat, so they should be thankful to Chitral.

He said that both the districts of Chitral (upper & lower) were backward and remote, all the health centers of both district lack medical officers which create problems for the people of Chitral upper and lower.

By transferring all the Chitral domicile holders (doctors) to Chitral would resolve the shortage of medical officers in hospitals.

Qari Jamal said that he is firm in moving Peshawar High Court on this and for the purpose consultation with legal consultants was on.


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