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Resolution for public hanging of child abusers passed in NA

ISLAMABAD: A resolution seeking public hanging of those found guilty of abusing children was on Friday passed by the National Assembly.

The handwritten resolution referred to the “brutal killing of eight-year-old Iwaz Noor in Nowshera”.

Strongly condemning the death, the signatories wrote: “This house […] demands that to stop these shameful and brutal killings of children and give a strong deterrent effect, the killers and rapists should not only be given death penalty by hanging but they should be hanged publicly.”

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohammad Khan presented the resolution  which was passed by all lawmakers, apart from PPP’s.

Raja Pervez Ashraf, PPP leader and former prime minister, said: “Ramping up the severity of punishments does not result in a reduction in crime.”

“We cannot put public hanging into practice as it violates the laws of the United Nations,” he added, reminding members of the parliament that Pakistan is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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