PTI activists want independent probe of Class IV inductions

CHITRAL: While workers and activists of the ruling PTI are up in arms against what they called illegal appointments of people from Lower Chitral as Class IV in healthcare units of Yarkhun in Upper Chitral, sources told ChitralToday that more inductions were likely in the remaining vacant posts by the district health officer (DHO).

The sources said there were about 72 vacancies of watchmen, peons, sweepers and other low level posts in the health department which were filled allegedly violating rules and regulations. The sources said the department was also planning to induct a few more people on Class IV.

In most of the cases in Yarkhun, Mastuj and Laspur valleys of Upper Chitral, the health department had opened dispensaries and basic health units on private land promising the owners that as a compensation they would be given all the Class IV jobs in the health units.

This practice has been in vogue in the education department of KP for years under which the government opened schools in villages on land provided by the owners free of cost. The owners were then given jobs of Class IV in the schools.

Workers and activists of the ruling PTI have been more vocal against the recent appointments saying the DHO ignored the deserving people and filled the vacant posts in Upper Chitral by inducting people from Lower Chitral.

They said this was an open robbery on the rights of the deserving candidates and an injustice with Yarkhun, Mastuj and Laspur where people had voted for the PTI in the 2018 elections only on the promises of a corruption-free Pakistan by Imran Khan.

Talking to local reporters, PTI leader Syed MukhtarAli Shah adv, activists Zar Bahar and Sahib Noor from Yarkhun said some people were out to sabotage the vision of Imran Khan but they would not be allowed to succeed in their mission.

They said the DHO had violated merit and he should be removed from the post at once and the hiring made by him should be cancelled to start the process in a transparent manner afresh.

They said though the health department KP had kept the appointments at abeyance and ordered an inquiry, so far there has been no progress.

They said an independent committee should be tasked with probing the allegations of irregularities in the appointments otherwise the issue will be taken up at the highest level.

They also warned that the PTI workers and supporters would launch a protest move from Chitral to Islamabad against the injustice done with the people of Upper Chitral.


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  1. Instead of crying you PTI so called leaders of upper chitral should quit supporting imran kan and co party bcoz you and your leader imran khan made people fool by making big promises. Now if you have an iota of self respect you should curse your so called justice party and sit at your home and repent for your hypocrisy. What the nonsense is saying vision of imran khan you repeat time and gain. imran khan is a visionless man who is devoid of any remorse for what he had been saying and for what he is doing now. If you continue supporting this man you will get nothing but people’s wrath. better accept reality and keep mum. this is my advice to all those who were propagating naya paksitan.

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