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Food dept.’s sale points run out of wheat

CHITRAL: Food department’s godowns and sale points across Chitral have run out of wheat and there is no likelihood of supply from down districts due to road blockades.

In remote areas of Upper Chitral, the situation is critical as the food department had not replenish its sale points before the winter rain/snowfall blocked the roads.

Local people told ChitralToday that consumers mostly preferred buying wheat from the government sale points instead of purchasing flour from the markets.

The wheat flour available in Chitral is not of good quality and its price is also high due to lack of price control mechanism.

As a result, people always purchase wheat from the godowns/sale points and use it after grinding from local mills.

As the roads got closed due to the heavy snowfall, flour prices went further up. On the other hand, the sale points of the food department also ran out of wheat creating hardship for the consumers.

Complaints regarding shortage of wheat have been received from Ayun, Mastuj, Yarkhun, Torkhow, Laspur and other areas.

The residents called upon the food department to supply wheat to all the outlets in order to avoid a crisis in the winter season.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni


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