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PTI inducted supporters from lower Chitral in dispensaries of Yarkhun

CHITRAL: Social and political activists from Yarkhun and Laspur accused both the PTI and JUI-F of getting their supporters inducted in the health department as Class IV, depriving people of the two remote areas of their right to get low grade employment even in their dispensaries.

Speaking at a press conference in Chitral, Sahib Noor Khan, Yahya Khan, Syed Mukhtar Ali Shah Advocate, Ibrahim Shah, Mehboob Ali Shah, Fida Rehmat, Zafar Khan, Manzoor Ali, Imran Ali Shah and others said the youth of Yarkhun and Laspur valleys were openly discriminated against in the appointment of the Class IV in the district health office, and the issue would be taken up at all forums.

They said the district health officer (DHO) inducted Ejaz Ahmed of Drosh in the civil dispensary of Yarkhun and Asifur Rehman from Zhang Bazaar lower Chitral in the civil dispensary of Brep Yarkhun. The hiring of people from other district on low grade posts in the new district of Upper Chitral is in violation of rules and an injustice with the local youth, they contended.

They claimed that the leaders of the ruling PTI and JUI-F in lower Chitral were hands in glove in inducting their people without merit on government jobs, and deprived youth of Upper Chitral of their right to get the jobs.

They said the non-local people inducted as Class IV in these two remote valleys would not be allowed to work, and their appointment should be cancelled.

They said all, from the minister concerned to the local PTI leaders, were involved in the illegal hiring of people while the DHO was not performing his duties and often remained absent from his office.

They said if the appointments were not cancelled and candidates from Yarkhun and Laspur  were not inducted in their areas, the local people would hold protest demonstration.

It may be noted that recently the JUI-F Chitral leaders at a press conference accused the PTI of violating merit and accommodating its own people on Class IV jobs in the DHO office.

Later, the directorate of health services Peshawar held the appointments at the DHOlower Chitral office at abeyance till completion of an inquiry.

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