First ever skiing training camp organized in Upper Chitral

Report: Fakhr e Alam

BOONI: A five-day skiing training camp has been organized for the first time in Upper Chitral in which over 50 young people from different parts of Chitral, Gilgit-Baltistan and Lahore are taking part.

The snow sport activity has been organized at Qaqlasht by Hindukush Mountaineering and Adventure Club of Asif Murad.

Moreover, the enthusiasts are being trained on the basics of snow skiing by a professional trainer from Austria, Julian.

The organizer of the activity, Asif Murad, told ChitralToday that Chitral had wide scope for sow sports through which winter tourism could be promoted in the area.

He said despite all odds and lack of government support his organization had been holding rock and snow climbing activities for the youth and would continue the efforts for promotion of adventure tourism and snow sports in Chitral.



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