Snowfall, truck collisions block Lowari road for 11 hours

CHITRAL: Due to snowfall and collision of three trucks in Lowari Baradam, the Chitral-Peshawar road was blocked for about 11 hours on Wednesday-Thursday night.

The Lower Chitral DC office said the machinery of the NHA and Usmani Company were found not feasible for removing snow from the Lowari road.

“The NHA and Usmani Company will ensure standard machinery available at the site to keep the road open and facilitate the public,” it added.

The video clip uploaded by Shahzada Siraj Ulmulk showed hundreds of passenger vehicles stuck under sub-zero temperature for so long.

The DC office clsimed that Chitral Police and Levy facilitated the public/traffic and will further ensure the vehicles without chains are not allowed during heavy snow in the area.

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