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Lone female doctor transferred from THQ hospital

BOONI: The lone female doctor of the Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital Booni has been transferred to Drosh, local people told ChitralToday.

Dr Zohra Wali had been working at the gynae ward of the hospital seeing 150 to 200 patients daily. This is the only hospital in the public sector which serves the whole district of Upper Chitral.

For the last about three years, shortage of female doctors at the hospital has been protested by local people. In reply, the health department used to send doctors but soon afterwards transferred them from the remote area.

Two days ago, people of Drosh tried to lock the THQ hospital of Drosh against unavailability of female doctors there too. They later staged a sit-in outside the hospital demanding posting of a female doctor to the hospital.

But instead of resolving the issue, the district health department removed the lone female hospital from Booni and sent her to Drosh.

The people of Upper Chitral have now threatened to hold a protest demonstration against the decision of the health department.

They said they had been demanding posting of more female doctors but the health department removed even the lone doctor.



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