New office-bearers say no rifts in PTI Chitral


CHITRAL: New president of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Lower Chitral Sartaj Ahmed Khan here said the new cabinet would be working to strengthen the PTI at grassroots level by taking the workers on board.

Speaking at a press conference along with PTI Upper Chitral president Rehmat Ghazi, former president Abdul Latif, Haji Sultan Muhammad and others, Sartaj said he was not as senior in the PTI as many others but would try his best to keep the party organized in Chitral.

He thanked the senior party leaders for reposing trust in him, adding the new cabinet would also be working on resolving issues of Chitral.

He said during the reorganization of the party, senior leaders Abdul Latif, Muhammad Qasim and MPA Wazir Zada remained neutral, allowing the political process to complete in a democratic manner.

Rehmat Ghazi said they would arrange a programme in Booni after the notification of the new cabinet. He said there were no differences in the PTI Chitral, and if there arose any difference that would be removed amicably.

Haji Sultan Muhammad said there was no truth in rumours that Abdul Latif had been pushed to the wall in the party. He said the decision to pick new faces was in the best interest of the party.



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  1. Khan kN says

    Trust and no trust would be shown in local bodies election near future by the public.PTI uper chitral is becoming monarchy body. Lower chitral is controlled by some groups. Saraj ahmad should not lose his respect and trust among the people of chitral . If he lost or showed worse performance than neither PTI nor chitralis would respect him. Uper chitral PTI representatives have one goal and that,a to win their own seats.its time for PMLN and PPP to reach and work for the people.

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