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Scientific study urged to find out causes of rising suicides

CHITRAL: Speakers at a seminar on ‘causes of frequent suicide incidents in Chitral’ have emphasised the need for carrying out a scientific study to arrest the trend and find out real causes pushing young people to end their lives.

Arranged by Osama Shaheed Academy, the seminar was attended by Lower Chitral deputy commissioner Naveed Ahmed, Upper Chitral DC Shah Saud, director of the academy Fidaur Rahman, Maulana Fazle Maula, Ali Akbar Qazi and Said Gul.

They said that the suicides in Chitral had become a full-fledged social issue, which had baffled the society as a whole, creating fear in the area.

They underscored the responsibilities of parents and guardians towards the children as the distance between them could give rise to extreme depression.

The speakers contended that estranged relations in a family caused the loss of self-confidence within a person in childhood which adopted complicated shapes and manifestations of depression, mental disorder and feelings of severe hatred toward others.

In Chitral, they said the people felt pressure after failing to adjust themselves to the rapidly changing world and it was probably because of this that young students were ending their lives.

The speakers said that each segment of the society needed to be sensitised so that this growing social problem could be properly addressed.

Upper Chitral DC said that he had already notified a committee, including opinion leaders and social activists, to tackle the issue.

Published in Dawn

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