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Remembering an iconic DC of Chitral

This day (7th December) marks the death anniversary of a man who not only as an administrator but also as a human being left a deep mark on the canvas of administrative and human affairs.

In office, Osama Ahmad Waraich was an honest and dignified officer and a man of his words with an amazing character. He brought a paradigmatic shift in how the public service ought to function by steering it closer to the central pillar of any governing structure: “THE PEOPLE”.

With human progress as the raison d’être and public sentiments as the linchpin of his reform strategy, he has left an indelible mark on the canvas of civil services and has set an example worthy of emulation and respect and in doing so has blazed a trail others officers in the civil services could follow.

In Chitral where he served as Deputy Commissioner, Osama without bothering the national exchequer initiated a number of self financed and community funded initiatives and those still serve the people of Chitral.

Outside the gambit of daily responsibilities, Osama was a lively character and a connoisseur of nature.

I and Osama had a deep personal connection. We would go down the river Chitral, walk along its banks and talk about the healing power and unmatched beauty of nature, besides sharing personal woes and cheers.

As a professional colleague I, personally, learned a lot from Osama’s professionalism, competency, his daily conduct with officials and public and his unique approach to life.

On this day, sir Osama died in a plane crash with dozens of other dear and near ones including the little angel “MAHRUKH” but his memory lives on, his legacy continue to inspire officers in the civil services.

The people of Chitral remember him with a smile and wish he could have lived for more years for their emancipation. Such is the respect he has earned. Such is the love he inspires. May his soul rest in eternal peace
May we all follow the path he advised.

بن تیرے کاٸنات کا منظر
اک دسمبر کی شام ہو جسے
درد ٹھہرا ھے آکے یوں دل میں
عمر بھر کا قیام ہو جسے


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