Molana Chitrali asks govt to declare Jihad

ISLAMABAD: MNA Molana Abdul Akbar Chitral of the Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal on Wednesday asked the government to declare Jihad for liberstion of Kashmir, promising that he would arrange 10,000 Mujahideen from Chitral.

He stated this during a heated debate in National Assembly between the opposition members and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on the Kashmir issue.

In his reply, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi urged the opposition not to “minimise” Pakistan’s efforts to highlight the Kashmir issue around the world.

He claimed that the US president could not get a chance to mediate on the issue as India had opposed the idea. He also opposed the proposal that Pakistan should declare Jihad, saying such a move could damage the Kashmir cause and Pakistan at the international level.

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  1. Almost all the commentators have cursed Moulana for his demand for declaration of Jihad against the brutal killing of Kashmiries and state terrorism of India. If Moulana is wrong then the PM may surrender Kashmir to India and go ahead for friendship agreement. Thus the cost on defense will automatically be reduced and saving will be used on Socio- economic development of the country.

  2. مولانا صاحب کوئی ایک قرارداد اسمبلی میں پیش کردہ یا تقریر میں مطالبہ کردہ بتائیں جو منظور ہوا ہو’ یا جس پر عمل ہوا ہو. اب میڈیا کا دور ہے اور مذہب کے نام پرعوام کو بدھو بنانے کا دور گزر گیا ہے. مولانا سوچ سمجھ کر بات کیا کریں.

  3. No Mr. Javed Karim, it was not a hired duty. There were no salaries. It was coompulsory duty (though not for all) and a matter of honour. Increase you knowledge.

    1. @ Dr. Khalil: یقینا” اسی وجہ سے آپکے والد صاحب نے اپنی کوشش تمام کردی تھی

  4. مولانا صاحب, جدّت پسند دنیا پرست طبقے کے نیم مردوں کی باتیں ملاحظہ فرمائیں. آپ خاطر جمع رکھیں اور اسی طرح غیرت کی بات کریں. ہمارے بہت سے چترالی, گلگتی بھائی اور بزرگ اللّہ کی راہ میں کسی بھی قوّت سے ٹکرانے کی صلاحیّت رکھتے ہیں, ہندوستان کیا ہے. جان جان آفرین کیلئے دینا بڑا درجہ ہے. پھر اِن بے ضمیر لوگوں کا اگلے جہان میں استقبال کریں گے جو خوب دنیا کما کر ایک ایک کرکے بستر میں گزرتے وہاں آئیں گے
    دھمکی سے مرگیا جو نہ باب نبرد تھا
    عشقِنبرد پیشہ طلبگارِ مرد تھا

  5. Well, Jihad be declared against corruption, injustice, poverty, unemployment and drug abuse in Chitral.In that case all walks of the society would support him in the noble cause.

  6. Prime minister Imran Khan has already told people not to even think of moving towards line of control to cross it. It means he is against such venture. Secondly, in the presence of our army, which is one of the largest and the finest in the world, moulana and people like me are not supposed to attack any country bcoz its result will be like that of the attempt ,made by sufi mohammad of Dir who tried to wage a jihad against america in Afghanistan.

    If you are so keen to liberate kashmir, you may try by crossing LOC in the darkness of the night.

  7. What someone could expect from these people accept eating halfwa,using surma and saying something without thinking.

  8. Maulana saab has become a mufti Qavi of Chitral, by firing aimlessly in all directions without thinking, just to attract media attention.

  9. Interesting but violent thoughts and not practical. It would have made an impression at least if a Kashmiri could have said so but NO, they didn’t and they won’t. Even the direct stakeholders know that armed invasion by awaam is a silly thought. Even if you are a sharp shooter, how would you face a trained soldier whose job it is to make good use of arms and ammunition backed by military tactics and strategies?. I m guessing that Mowlana s is not suggesting PAK Army to take the lead in the proposed offensive?. If otherwise, Then the khaki think tanks should sit aside and let our respected leader to lead from the front. However there is one big issue in all this..not many of us have permits to carry guns neither do we have gun licences. I think the govt. should first change the laws. Mowlana sb University of Chitral needs its own purpose built campus. Would you please for God’s sake speak about issues which we face within Chitral which if not resolved now, will have long lasting negative impact upon the future generation of Chitral. Why always petty politics?..

  10. As long as you people of Chitral remain ignorant, as long as you people of Chitral will not give your daughters qualitative education with capability to think rationally, you will remain blind and will be led by blinds. You are such people who act first and think later. If you learn a lesson from your submission to bigots to vote for these incapable lots in 2018 elections and before that and elect educated and forward looking it is still time for you to see light at end of the tunnel otherwise you will end up in a blind alley, keep my words.

    1. If you are from Chitral, you should know how much emphasis Chitrali Parents put on girls’ education. And if you are not from Chitral then no need to comments on our issues. Secondly as you mentioned we vote for incapable members in 2018 election then what about before 2018, What they did for us we were elected members before 2018.

  11. If you don’t know the responsibilities of public rep.please ask from the professors or professional from chitral, they will teach chitral many issues and problems you could do easily. Please concentrate on those issues. For kasmir and sichean only pak army is enough for them. We are in a civilized and digital world. Civilized people and society these days dont believe on killing. Chitral always has bad luck and we have representatives like you.Near the local bodies election you people and PTI make full chitral,s innocent people. Chitral always miss Iftikhar uddin as our representative in the assembly.

  12. Moulana sahib, when you were personally manhandled at the Lowari tunnel by security personnel not even ten persons came out in your support. Now you are claiming ten thousand will come out for Jihad on your call. Have a heart. Fuzool looan dik band koray.

    1. We are firm with the cause of Molana. We are the best light footed fighters if the country makes a call for. If someone says he cannot fight against a trained Hindu or cares most for own pocket, we dont argue. Molana has done many good jobs for Chitral also that none has been able to do so far. As for laymen Certainly, thinking beyond a grain is difficult for hens.

  13. 5 men of my family with my granddad, a known marksman are ready for any enterprise.
    10,000 will make up just from Lower Chitral. We urge Maulana to approve it in practical.Chitralis are sharpshooters and consider it as a loss to lose a single bullet. What they need are a route and some essential heavy arms.

      1. Mr. Javed Karim, you are not familiar with history of the area. Chitral is a settled two in one District of KPK, Pakistan. There are no wars in this area now as used to be in past, and Chitralis do not raise offence on pity quarrels. If you are not a Chitrali, read the history and you also should know that the largest number of soldiers/officials of different ranks of this area serve in different forces than any other area according to the population. If you are a Chitrali then you might have been from the family of the section of people who were not allowed participation in Boldoyi.

        1. I am from Chitral but yes I do not belong to those people who were hired as foot soldiers of rulers of Chitral. I only know how a nation could progress through education and modern ideas instead of banking on how their forefathers fired guns and killed other people. If you know history, try to learn from history.

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