Suspected Killer of couple arrested, claim police

CHITRAL: Killer of a young man and his pregnant wife belonging to Izz village of Garam Chashma has been arrested from Dir-Kohistan, the Chitral police said.

However, the police are yet to release details about the suspected killer, including his name. The police said the suspect was arrested from Dir-Kohistan and further investigation was underway. His name could not be ascertained as he had lived in Garam Chashma on a fake identity card.

But it is not clear if he was carrying fake identity, how the police traced and arrested him. The police said after the arrest of the main suspect, his accomplices would also be traced soon.

Waqar Ahmed alias Shahinshah married a woman belonging to Dir-Kohistan against the will of her parents one year back.

Early this year, a couple from Swat started living in Izz village and developed friendship with Waqar.

A few days ago, the two families came to Chitral town but Waqar and his wife did not return home.

A day later, the bodies of Waqar and his wife were recovered dumped on separate points on Garam Chashma road.

It is believed that the family of Waqar’s wife got the couple through a hired assassin for honor.

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