Scores of students fall sick after taking deworming tablets

CHITRAL: Scores of students fell sick after taking deworming tablets during a drive in schools across Chitral on Thursday.

The tablets provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) were provided to schools through the education department.

A teacher of Govt Middle School Dizg in Yarkhun valley told ChitralToday on phone that four female students of class 6th and 7th complained of dizziness  and headache soon after they were given the tablets.

The students were taken to the basic health unit (BHU) in Brep where they were administered some injection and then sent home. They are now fine, he added.

He said one female student was also reported sick in a school in Meragram No 1 after taking the tablets.

There were also reports from a number of schools in Mulkhow and other parts of Chitral.

An official in the education department said such minor complaints were common among children after taking the deworming tablets.

He said before the campaign teachers of schools were briefed about such complaints and how to deal with it.

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  1. This is not fair and illegal to give children medicines on compulsory basis in schools. DC Chitral was to kick off this move. Two years back an ngo was heard of distributing some tablets to each child for the cure of some illness. Especially, nowadays when doctors are on strike who will care about the affected.
    No experiments to be let done on minors. WHO should try it in Newyork and not Chitral. Here nothing is there to cure. Just think of the trouble made to ones in remote Yarkhun. Pitiful..

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