Court stays construction, sale & purchase of land in Junalikoch

BOONI: Peshawar High Court’s Mingora bench has issued a status quo order till Nov 19, 2019, regarding any construction activities, sale or purchase of land in Junalikoch near Booni where Pir Karam Ali Shah has launched a housing scheme.

The court issued the order on a petition filed by residents of Junalikoch through their representative Shaukat Ali, son of Gulab.

The petition submitted to the court by Maazullah Barkandi Advocate contended that though the disputed property was owned by the government the petitioners had certain rights such as using it as their pasture etc.

However, it added, the respondent No 6 [Pir Karam Ali Shah, son of Syed Jamal Shah, resident of village Chatorkhand, Ghizer district of Gilgit-Baltistan] was without lawful authority raising certain constructions, thereby changing the nature of the disputed property.

The court order (available with ChitralToday) stated that the additional attorney general who was present in the court accepted notice on behalf of the official respondents who shall file their para-wise comments within a fortnight.

The case was adjourned to Nov 19 with an order that till then the status quo on the land would be maintained.

Pir Karam, a former governor of Gilgit-Baltistan, claims that the land  in Junalikoch is his ancestral property and he has documents of it.  

But some people of Mulkhow have raised objections to his claim and accused him of illegally occupying the land which they say is their pasture.

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  1. اس کے جواب میں دو اقوال ہی پیش کر سکتے ہیں۔ ٰایک چترالی اور ایک عربی کا۔ 1- کُچھ لوگوں پہ گٗمراہی نوجوانی میں آتی ہے تو کُچھ پہ بُڑھاپے مٰیں۔ 2ـ بھُوکے کی آنکھ کو یا قناعت کی صفت بھر سکتی ہے یا قبر کی مٹّی۔

  2. Sir Peer Karam Ali Shah tried twice for tempering in Govt record first he tried to subimit a fake documents of Sir Shujaul Mulk the former Mehtar of Chitral that he had donated land to his father at Junalicoch and that fake docment was attested by Chief Librarian Mr Shah Murad Chitrali , I visited Archive Library Peshawar and got attested copies of the original documents of page No 8 Bundle No 12 but there was some thing else and the fake document was not matching with original one. secondly his son Jalal Shah attmpted of temprign at Judical council of DC Chitral and submitted a fake docment of Sir Shujaul Mulk regarding donating of land but that was also fake and inquiry officer recommended for taking legal action against them and FIR had been lodged against Muhammad Ali shah. I went to Junalicoch to record interview of Peer Karam Ali Shah but he refused

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