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Political parties seek reconstitution of TLSC governing body

CHITRAL: Local leaders of political parties and civil society, including lawyers and parents, on Wednesday held a meeting and condemned the administration of The Langlands School and College (TLSC) for shutting down the institute amid an ongoing protest by its students, teaching and non-teaching staff against alleged financial irregularities and mismanagement.

The participants also condemned the government authorities for their failure to hold talks with the protesting teachers to resolve the issue for the sake of the future of the students.

The meeting demanded immediate reopening of the school and resumption of routine classes.

They called for the reconstitution of the governing body of the school replacing the outsiders with Chitrali intellectuals, parents’ representatives and officers. They said the governing body should also be purged of members who played a controversial role in the affairs of the school.

They said the status of the Langlands School and College should be cleared as it was not yet clear whether it was a private or government entity.

The meeting also demanded an inquiry into alleged financial irregularities which led to the current protest by teachers and other staff of the school.

The meting was attended by former district nazim Maghfirat Shah, Qazi Salamat (Jamaat-e-Islami), Abdul Latif, (PTI) Muhammad Kausar Adv (PML-N), Molana Abdul Sami (JUI), Alam Zeb Adv (PPP), Sajudullah Adv from district bar, Riaz Dewanbegi, former member of the district council and others.

Teachers continue protest

Meanwhile, the teachers, other staff and a large number of students and their parents held a protest and staged a sit-in for hours outside the deputy commissioner office against the closure of the school. The teachers also conducted classes outside the DC office.

Later, DC Naveed Ahmed held a meeting with the representatives of the protesters and parents during which the administration and teachers agreed on a temporary document under which the school will reopen on Thursday, the teachers will not resort to any illegal activity against the institute and neither the administration will initiate any action against them.

Later, one of the board of governors member, Sirajul Mulk, during a meeting with the parents outside the DC office said students of the school should not be forced into any negative activity.

However, former nazim Riaz Dewanbegi and Abdul Wali Khan Advocate highlighted parents’ reservations about the deteriorating financial situation in the Langlands School and College which led to the current protest and closure of the school.

They said as a majority of the members of the board of governors of the school were outsiders they could not realize the reservations of the parents over the situation in the school.

However, Sirajul Mulk told the parents that the DC had written a letter to increase the number of the governing body members and Chitral would be given more representation in it.


Reporting: Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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