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Dr Jamil Chitrali promoted to grade 21

PESHAWAR: Dr Jamil Chitrali is back to his brainchild Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies at Peshawar University after promotion to professor in grade 21.

The 43-year-old from Oveer in Upper Chitral did his PhD in sociology on the topic of ‘School-based gender violence’ and has got published over 40 research papers so far.

Dr Jamil also has the distinction of being the youngest president of Peshawar University Teachers Association which he headed for four times.

Besides other contributions, he played a key role in the establishment of the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies at the university.–Zafar Ahmed

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  1. Zafar Ahmad says

    Dear editor,
    This news was developed and emailed to you by me in Urdu. You have not only translated but have also reduced the news to a quarter of its orginal length?. At least, you have given the name at the end of the report which was uppposed to be at the start of the news.

  2. Brig Khush Muhammad Khan (Retd), Chitral says

    It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate Dr Jamil Chitrali on his well deserved promotion as Professor in Peshawar University. It is really great success. We hope Dr Jamil will significantly contribute towards promotion of quality education, not only in Peshawar university but also in Chitral context. Best of luck Professor sahib.

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