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306kw hydro power project ready in Gazen village

CHITRAL: Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) has successfully completed the testing of its 306 KW micro hydropower project in Gazen village of Yarkhun, Upper Chitral.

On this occasion, a special ceremony was also organized to celebrate Chinese Independence Day in solidarity with Chinese engineers who are working to complete power projects in the remote areas of Pakistan.

The micro hydro power project funded by KfW and implemented by PPAF will provide electricity to 335 households with the population of over 3,000 individuals residing in the hard terrain of Gazen.

Two other projects of 200 KfW will benefit 700 households in Upper Dir and over 200 houses in Chitral respectively. PPAF is leading electrification drive of off-grid and remote areas through clean, green and reliable energy resources.

The final testing and commissioning include continuous operation of plant for at least 72 hours on varying load and discharge, full load testing and other technical tests. Commissioning of one more MHP at Golen is also underway.

The team is expected to complete the process of commissioning of four MHPs in a month.




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