A ‘food walk’ in Chitral bazaar


By Asheq Ali

Often inspired by food bloggers, I took my first ever food travel to Chitral bazaar. It was a typical autumn day which started with a drizzle and afterwards the sun also came out. Autumns in Chitral are very special as their arrival is accompanied by hot cuisines at home and bazaars. Different patterns of samosa with tea, corn soup, barbecue, mantuq, shosp, qalibat etc all are mouth watering.

As it was raining from the last two days, I prepared a plan to have a food move. Following the plan, without taking my breakfast, I moved towards the bazaar. As I stepped out of the vehicle, the pleasant smell of chola-rice caught my attention. Taking few steps I saw a crowd moving to a restaurant to warm their breath with the hot rice. Stood in the line and waited for my turn patiently. I was served surprisingly with dal mounting the rice which tasted really amazing. I thought the price would be higher but the receptionist asked me to pay only Rs50.

The moist weather makes a decent combination with corn soup. Moving through the street, I entered a soup shop and received a welcoming gesture from the chef. He served me the soup with the best combination of meat, eggs and other necessities. The delightful taste of the soup showed the care to his customers.

Moreover, with half-filled stomach I entered a restaurant to eat the pure meat prepared on the coals. Ordered some barbecues of freshly marinated meat. The natural oil of fat, fried all those meats on the rod of metal. Packed with Nan each loaf of the meat was a perfect meal. The colour, texture, taste and the devotion of the workers all were commendable.

My walk would have been incomplete if I didn’t have visit the most popular mantuq maker of Chitral in Denin. A man with millions of smile and respectful to his customers. I was surprised by his dignity to his work. The way he maintains cleanliness in his shop, materials etc is most beautiful part of the story. Ate few mantuq but I would remember the taste for years and would recommend all my friends to have a visit to that shop.

To conclude, the food move was a great experience. Meeting and talking to people not only broadens the communication but also gives more confidence and hope to carry on the best things of life.

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  1. Amir Khan says

    There are so many eateries in Chitral bazar but not many with hygienic atmosphere. Most do not have washrooms. The more worrying thing is that impure adulterated foodstuff is being used as a normal feature.The cooking oil or ghee is mostly substandard and injurious to health. Chitralis are genetically healthy and sturdy people but impure food is pulling them down badly.

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