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TLSC teachers threaten class boycott if principal returns

CHITRAL: A resolution passed and signed by 64 teachers and other staff members of The Langlands School and College (TLSC) on Thursday said they will continue taking classes till Nov 9 but if Principal Carey Schofield comes to the school during this period  they would boycott classes.

The teachers and staff through the resolution put up the following demands:

  1. Principal Carey Schofield to be immediately removed, and an educationist and professional Principal should be appointed in her place.
  2. The government should take over the school and implement the Educational Policy of the State of Pakistan.
  3. The so-called Board of Governors (BOG) of the school should also be dissolved.


The press release stated that the staff after a protest on Oct 2 and a meeting with officials of the district administration resumed their classes till October 9.

During this period, if the principal tries to come to the school the teachers and students will boycott classes in protest.

“If the demands of the teachers were not met on the given deadline it would compel them to take the next step, and the district administration and provincial government will be responsible for it.”


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  1. Jan Khan says

    When the homes for the family becomes suffocating , and turns into a psychological torture cell the noble souls ultimately burst into protest.

  2. Mari says

    Students should not be involved in such kind of activities. Their only job is to study, whoever comes to school. Using students will put them on wrong track and they will learn to fulfil their demands by pressure. I suggest parents to keep their children away of this politics.

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