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Community school teachers protest non-payment of salaries

CHITRAL: Teachers of Basic Education Community Schools from across Chitral held a protest against non-payment of salaries for the last nine months here on Monday.

 Addressing the protesters, Halima Bibi, Jamila Bibi and others said the prime minister and federal minister for education should fulfil their promises of regularizing the services of the teachers and releasing their salaries.

They said 93 basic education community schools had been set up in private houses across Chitral where female teachers were teaching 35 to 60 students each. But these children have no basic facilities such as drinking water, bathrooms, electricity and playgrounds.

Besides, for over nine months the teachers are not being paid their meager salaries. They said the teachers were paid Rs8,000 per month but now it also remained stopped.

They said the government should pay the female teachers wages equal to that of a labour. They said the teachers from across the country had staged a sit-in at D-Chowk in Islamabad but the authorities had assured them that their issues would be resolved.

However, even after so many months the female teachers were not paid their salaries let alone confirming their services.


Reporting: Syed Nazir Hussain

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