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Scores injured as taxi drags power cables along with workers

DIZG: Scores of people were injured after a taxi land cruiser hit and dragged electricity cables which were being installed by them here on Thursday evening.

Sources in Dizg told ChitralToday that the locals were shifting electricity cables from old wooden poles to new pylons along the road when the taxi land cruiser going to Upper Yarkhun arrived.

The villages were pulling the cables and some were on top of a pole. They reportedly asked the driver to slow down as some cables were dangling over the road. But the driver did not heed to their shouts and dragged the wires away along with the people.

As a result, the steel cables hit scores of people, three of them critically. They were identified as retired Subedar Yousuf Nadir, Afzal Sangal and Hussain alias Shain.

They were shifted to the basic health unit (BHU) in Brep and later Subedar Yousuf was taken to Mastuj.

The angry villagers on the occasion beat up the driver, the locals told ChitralToday.

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