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Taxi driver claims record for carrying 34 people in his Alto

CHITRAL: A taxi driver broke his own record of carrying 27 people in his alto car by accommodating 34 persons in the small vehicle but complains that his feat was never recognized at the official level.

Rehmat Wali of Chitral town told ChitralToday that he had made the record of carrying 27 people in his small car and later broke the record by accommodating 34 people in it.

He had done all this in the hope that his name could make an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. However, despite being reported in the media, he could not even get an award from the local administration.

He said he also made a record of driving his small car to the last point of the Gobor valley where only four wheelers could reach due to the uneven and hilly road.—S. Nazir Hussain Shah


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  1. Gul jee says

    Unfortunately no government official took notice this vary danger and illegal act and putting the lives of innocent people by this JAHILL man.He must pay the price of this stupid and mentally disturbed thinking for getting a price and cheap popularity doing this kind of illegal act.look like he is a sick man,like a few years ago a guy was declared and used Blasphemious remarks about our Holy Prophet pbuh in a Mosque.This kind of peoples are like a poison for the society.Allah Taghala Sub key Ifazat karay in Jahiloon say.

  2. Jalaluddin. Ahmed says

    Instead of award, the driver qualifies punishment for playing with pessenger lives.

  3. Sahibzada Arshad says

    Its putting people’s life at stake and may result in accident as well. He should be fined instead of appreciation, do some innovation or research instead of doing such things.

  4. Shah says

    This doesn’t qualify for a Guinness world record. The people have to be accommodated inside the car, with all doors locked. Not like the picture here with people hanging from the side and standing on the roof.
    Instead of asking the government for money, it would be better to take care of your Car, have some mercy on it and don’t overload.

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