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Forgotten by govt, civil society decides to repair Booni road

BOONI: Civil society activists here have decided to repair the road from Booni bridge to Booni bazaar after the government showed its callous attitude towards the issue.

The only road linking the headquarters of the so-called new district of Upper Chitral has become a ruin due to lack of maintenance fro years. Government authorities use the road daily but they have turned a blind eye to the issue despite repeated demands and appeals by the locals.

Social activists have now appealed to civil society organizations, including volunteers, trader, driver unions and youth of Booni to join hands and repair the road from Sept 15.


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  1. Ali Shahpar says

    Booni voted for and helped elect two of its sons as MPA for consecutive terms and now repairing road on Apni Madad Ap kay teht… Smart people with brilliant vision.

  2. Mari says

    Efforts of civil society is much appreciated, however it is beyond their capacity in terms of resources, technical expertise, and accountability etc. I would really suggest CS to bring the relevant department into account and force them to work. How shameful is this that for the last two weeks the department has been busy in repairing a small nala near PTDC and still incomplete. It is due to lack of interest from non local administrators, who are least interested in development of newly born district, otherwise this is the only road which they use on daily basis, and do not dare to ask the department. It is always civil society who is active when govt functionaries fail to do their jobs.

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