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‘Lionhearted people of Mulkhow will clear Kashmir of infidels’

WARIJUN: People of Mulkhow on Tuesday took out a rally to condemn Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir and express solidarity with the people of the valley.

The rally started from Drasun and ended at the bazaar of Warijun village. The rally was led by additional assistant commissioner Mastuj Moazzam Khan and tehsil municipal officer Mulkhow Shafiq Khan.

Addressing the participants, social and political worker Hameed Jala Arzo said: “Lionhearted people of Mulkhow will never hesitate from rendering any sacrifice for liberation of Kashmir.”

He said in case of a war, the people of Mulkhow would renew their valour of 1948 in which they had liberated Skardu and would eliminate the infidel forces from the land of Kashmir.

Other speakers on the occasion condemned Indian repression in occupied Kashmir and asked the international community to take notice of the issue in order to maintain peace in the region.


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  1. Saifullah Mulkhowichi says

    Ghot Mulkhowichain Kashmir fatah koriko sar nast tansoro azad koroor ki. Pura Chitarala bakh paisa pesa hesaab niki. Na pesa roads sahe, na pesa saair (bridges) sahe , kosht hani lot area biko sm justa togho raah niki, sarkaro e college tera niki, e higher secondary school niki, muzgolo sairo halato lo? Oveero rahan lolur? Wayooogho murdero lolur? Pesa hesh kia hesaab niki. Nast tan halatn sahe koroor ache kashmiro luan dyore. Tanty kiagh kori asumi wa kashmirot tirimian.

  2. Shahabuddin says

    Ha ha,. Remember the old khowar adage “na ki saheed bam , na ki kagh ma ….. xibar. 🙂

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