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THQ hospital Booni almost shuts its doors on patients

CHITRAL: The only main hospital of the newly-created Upper Chitral district has almost shut its doors on patients asking them that there would be no doctor available from 8pm to 8am every day and on Sundays.

The disappointing situation at the Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital Booni can be gauged from the fact that the hospital in-charge has displayed a notice outside the hospital asking emergency patients not to visit the facility during these hours.

Ahmed Hussain, a resident of Booni, said while talking to ChitralToday said his son Ammad Hussain, a student of sixth grade, complained of severe pain in his stomach/abdomen after which he was rushed to the hospital in Booni.

He said his son was admitted to the hospital in the morning but during night no doctor came to check him the whole night.

Ahmed Hussain said he had no option but to shift his son to the District Headquarters Hospital Chitral town the next day. As soon as he reached DHQ Hospital Chitral, his son was diagnosed with an appendix and a surgery was performed in the evening. He said the doctor told him that had he been late by another hour his son could have died after rupture of the appendix.

Ahmed Hussain said the provincial government, which often made tall claims of bringing reforms in the health sector, had failed to address the shortage of doctors. He said there were only three doctors at the THQ hospital in Booni who go to their houses in the night. He said no doctor was available for night shift due to which patients faced difficulties.

The residents of Booni have demanded the provincial government upgrade the Booni hospital and provide it all the missing facilities.

They said only three doctors were serving in the hospital which should have at least 11 doctors. There is no lady doctor in the hospital due to which women patients also faced difficulties.

Many  people prefer getting expensive medical treatment in private clinics and hospitals due to lack of facilities at the government hospital.–Gul Hamaad Farooqi

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