Decades-old land dispute between Mehtar and others resolved

CHITRAL: A decades-old land dispute between the Mehtar of Chitral’s family and some people of Balach has been resolved by the parties.

The ancestors of Mehtar Fatehul Mulk Ali Nasir and villagers of Balach lower, including Maqsad Baig, son of Dinar Baig, and Shireen Bag, had been in litigation over the land measuring about eight chakorums since 1957, sources told ChitralToday.

However, efforts by the staff of the Mehtar and some lawyers and other people in the town helped the parties to settle the dispute out of court.

In this regard, a jirga was held in Chitral fort during which modalities of the settlement were finalized.

Under the decision of the jirga, the Mehtar would get five and half chakorums and the other party three and half chakorum of the land.

Syed Nazir Hussain Shah

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