My dollar Ummah

By Shams RN

History is full of wars fought between nations, states and tribes. The main sources of war were either religion or economy except the Trojan war which was fought for the beautiful queen of Sparta “Helen.”

Today history ends with the win of economy over religious bonds. Today Kashmir burns and the Kashmiris are facing brutality of India but my dollar Ummah is in deep slumber and joy.

My innocent Muslims of the world were in fantasy that the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will protect them from every single hardship and oppression but now the current situation of Kashmir has exposed the OIC and Arab world.

On 15th August when Pakistan observed a black day in solidarity with Kashmiris the same day United Arab Emirates (UAE ) turned the Burj Khalifa tower into the colour of the Indian flag. It doesn’t mean that the people of Pakistan are superior Muslims than the princes of UAE but such action hurt the sentiments of other Muslims.

Despite all the oppression over Kashmiris and lockdown in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK), the government of UAE will confer Indian prime Minister Narendra Modi with the highest civilian award in coming days.

Pakistan always stood firmly for the Muslims cause,  whether they belong to Kashmir, Palestine,  Burma or Afghanistan. Whether it was the six-day war with Israel or attack on Makkah Pakistan stood at the front line.

The Arab world failed to play its role when they have to sand by the side of Kashmiris. It was time for them to show the unity of Muslim Ummah to the whole world.

The only one reason which halt the rest of Muslim countries to raise their voices for Kashmir is their economic interest. Whether it is UAE,  Saudia or Turkey they had signed a lot of investments with India. Humanity,  brotherhood, culture and we feelings are all in vain in front of economy.

It will be written in history that Dollar Ummah failed to raise their voices for innocent Kashmiris and economy proved to be the robust source of attraction than religion. However deep the darkness is it has to end one day and should hope for the best. It is late but still have time with the ummah to be united and express their solidarity with Kashmiris when they are looking with innocent eyes full of tears toward them.


(The author is an Islamabad based writer.

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