Three houses damaged, flash floods block Rumbur road


CHITRAL: Torrential rains on Sunday triggered flash floods in Rumbur valley damaging three houses along with crops and fruits.

The road to Rumbur valley was also blocked at a number places after flooding.

The three houses were damaged in the Kalashgram village. However, the inmates of the houses saved their lives by fleeing to safer places. The flood also damaged crops and fruit trees and other property in the area.

Former member District Council Saifullah Kalash said the damaged houses belonged to Sher Wali Khan, Ismail and Commander.

he said traffic on the Rumbur was blocked due to flooding at a number of places.

He said the district administration should take immediate steps to reopen the road and compensate owners of the damaged houses and crops.


Reporting: Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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