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Gahli ground hosts football tournament after four years

BOONI: A football tournament started at Gahli ground in Booni after four years in which 32 teams from different parts of Upeer Chitral are taking part.

In the first match of the Independence Trophy, Peshalduri Mulkhow beat Mastuj on a penalty stroke. the tournament arranged by Golden Club was inaugurated by member tehsil council and PTI leader Sardar Hakim.

President Golden Club and social and political activist Pervez Lal told the participants of the inaugural ceremony that civil society played a big role in reviving sports activities at the Gahli ground.

He thanked the president of football association Hussain Ahmed for helping in promotion of football in the area.

Speaking on the occasion, Sardar Hakim said he would make all-out efforts to equip the Gahli stadium with all facilities.



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