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Elders see drastic reduction in celebration of Kalash festivals

BUMBURATE: Religious leaders and Qazis of the Kalash community on Saturday said there has been a reduction of about 50 per cent in the celebration of traditional and cultural events of the Kalasha tribe over the years.

They were addressing a gathering of Kalash people at Kalasa Dur in connection with the World Indigenous People’s Day. The religious leaders said some of the Kalash festivals had been abandoned while in many other cases events had been included in the calendar which were not a part of the Kalasha culture or religion.

They also spoke about the issues arising out of the use of chicken and eggs in daily food despite the fact that these items were forbidden in the Kalasha religion.

They said Kalash religious leaders had forbidden the use of these items but still people, especially the youth, were eating eggs and chicken. They said when you follow things forbidden by religion, hatred and schism increase in community.

They also highlighted issues caused by violation of religious bars such as on cousin marriages, adding collective efforts were needed to avoid such violations and tackle such issues.

They stressed the importance of purification of sacred places such as restrictions on the entry of women into the worship places.

Kalash Qazis on the occasion narrated folk stories of bravery and valour of their ancestors passed on to them from generation to generation in order to keep the youth abreast of them.


Reporting: Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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