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Time to stand by oppressed people of Kashmir

Kashmir, the world’s most beautiful place, has been turned into the world’s most deadliest place by the brutal Indian politics. They have revoked Article 370 which gave special autonomy to Kashmir to hold a piece of land, to keep their own flag and struggle for freedom.

The atmosphere of Kashmir these days has been overshadowed by a sense of terror, tension, hate, bloodshed and other violence. The current scenario is being witnessed because of the hateful politics of Indian Prime Minister Modi, who took power with the motto to abolish the autonomy of Kashmir.

Furthermore, the move has disturbed peace and trade of the region as the Indian government deployed tens of thousands of military troops into the region. Not only the situation between Pakistan and India is escalating but the brutality of the Indian government has also challenged the territorial sovereignty of China, who controls 15% of the total Kashmir’s land.

The continuing misuse of cluster bombs and violation of line of control is also a challenge to the global security because it’s against both the UN-Security policy and territorial control of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. War could not be prevented if India continues so.

Further, many forums working for the protection of human-rights have also declared this terrible move the India as a threat to humanity, because each day hundreds of people are killed by the Indian military troops, females are becoming victims of rape cases and basic necessities of life such internet services, educational institutions are suspended.

Pakistan has always raised voice for Kashmiris in international forums like United Nations, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) but India has always shown resistance in case of Kashmir which not only hindrance in good relations between the two countries but also disturbs the overall economy of the region. India has never been to the negotiating table to talk for the resolution because its stance has been always brutal for the Muslims inhabiting the disputed area.

To recap, the it’s the time to stand with our brothers who are ill-treated by the Indian forces in the disputed region. Resolution has to be made by Pakistan in any way to respond to the Indian mistreat to Muslims.
Asheq Ali.
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