Three killed while repairing flood-damaged water supply lines

CHITRAL: Three people lost their life and seven others were injured after falling into the Golen stream at about 4pm on Saturday afternoon while rehabilitating water supply lines to Mori lower village that were damaged in the recent floods.

The residents of the village were rehabilitating the damaged water supply lines stretching over the stream on a self-help basis when the pipes broke down. Some of them fell into the stream and others sustained injuries.

One of the victims, identified as Inayatur Rehman, was swept away by the gushing water and his body is yet to be retrieved while another man, Afsaruddin, died of excessive bleeding at the site about two hours after the incident as no help could reach him on time.

The death toll increased to three after another injured lost his life on Sunday.

People from the village and other areas blocked the Chitral-Mastuj road by keeping the dead body of one of the victims on the road for hours. They said despite repeated appeals the government failed to rehabilitate the damaged water supply lines forcing them to start work on it on their own which led to the incident.

Hours later, traffic on the busy road was restored after an agreement was reached at by the  protesters and Deputy Commissioner Lower Chitral Naveed Ahmed.

According to the agreement, relief cheques for Rs300,000 were given to the heirs of each of the deceased persons.

Meanwhile, rescue workers continued efforts to retrieve the body of Inayatur Rehman. –Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

2 Replies to “Three killed while repairing flood-damaged water supply lines”

  1. Hello everyone !
    I have a question about the incident of Mori Payeen in which precious lives were lost and many got injured.
    1. Whether the Water supply scheme being repaired and the incidence occurred was operated by PHED or it was communal?

  2. A shame on MMA . It haddto be one day the way each and every govt show step mother care about KOH region. From 28 years the self base service has been there .
    Other view is if u look at the road ;the mastuj road, which is in its pathetic condition for the the last few years. A patient dies before reaching hospital . Students suffer alot . Common populace is just in hell having this horrific route full of cracks and pitholes.
    Simply its a faliure of democracy in chitral . No single leader know what democratic values are . Being a part of this region I hereby convey that we can call for a gaint protest if this behaviour of govt continues .

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