Digital skills boot camp arranged in Booni

BOONI: A digital skills boot camp is underway in Booni under supervision of Noshad Ali. He is the founder of the startup CareerDrive, who wants to introduce digital and freelancing skills to the youths of Chitral.

Even though internet in Chitral is getting more and more popular nowadays, still the people especially the youth are not aware of its true power and how it can be a source of learning and earning at the same time. The opportunities internet can provide are innumerable if one knows how to use it in a positive way.

A 13-day booth camp has been organized by CareerDrive in Booni to teach the students about the positive use of Internet and to educate them with various skills which they can use to earn online.

The camp comprises mainly four modules where the participants would be taught graphic designing, freelancing and basic web designing concepts. This initiative will help the youth in understand the internet world to find opportunities to earn, said a press release.

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