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Volunteers from Laspur clean up Shandur after festival

LASPUR: Volunteers from different parts of Laspur carried out a cleanliness drive at Shandur after the conclusion of the three-day festival there.

The cleanliness activity was conducted by members and volunteers of Indigenous Council for Development – a consortium of organizations of Laspur valley.

The consortium comprises registered organizations of Laspur such as Shandur Area Development Conservation and Welfare Organization (SADCWO), Shandur Falcon Welfare Organization (SFWO) and Silk Route Navigatia Tours (SiRN TT).

Besides Shandur festival, these volunteers are active in various villages of the valley to serve the community in times of need. Their area of activities includes conservation of nature, preservation of local culture, extending help to the people in times of emergencies like flood, roadblocks, managing local installations like hydro electric plants, channels and other local facilities.

This year, the consortium was formed to help develop the area and draw government attention towards issues of the locality.

Shandur extending to nine km at length and 3 to 4 km width becomes full of scattered wastes and garbage in the aftermath of the festival each year leaving great threat to domestic and wild animals and the ecosystem.

To minimize this loss, the volunteers conduct cleanliness campaign each year after the festival. It is inevitable that the government should allocate maximum budget to the cleanliness drive after the festival, otherwise neither the government nor the said volunteers may be able to cover and dump the waster scattered in the vastness of Shandur.

Conservation of nature and reduction of loss to domesticated livestock by the consumption of the leftover after the festival should be the top priority of the government agencies involved in organizing the festival.

They should also encourage the volunteers who are taking part in such an activity which is otherwise the responsibility of the government.

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  1. Fardad Ali Shah says

    Well done Lasprik brothers. Hope we all learn to follow your footsteps.

  2. Muhammad Wali Khan says

    Good work. Safayee nisf eeman hae. Apne ilaqe ko saf rakhna achche logon ka kam hae. yeh log shabashi key muthiq hain.

  3. Dr Tariqullah Khan says

    Bravo to the people of Laspur for their cleaning up efforts. Such valuable efforts only suppress and hide the ensuing imminent disaster. This is a disastrous issue. Unless the people, government authorities, civil society and tourists come together on one page and fight against pollution, such events will definitely transfer the disaster to future generations. Environmental and ecological concerns must be given priority over such events no matter how important the events are perceived to be!

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