Why should you frequently take coffee in Chitral?

By Hassan Khan

There is no bad enough reason for not drinking coffee as it is a form of addiction for most of the people around us. Drinking coffee in the cold and crisp weather of Chitral makes the beverage a more viable drink according to the climate of the city. A hot cup of latte or your favorite cold brew coffee will keep you invigorated if you plan to visit the beautiful valley of Chitral with its fascinating meadows and enticing fragrance of cherry blossoms, fresh apples and sweet apricots.

Coffee lovers will give you hundreds of reasons for frequent consumption of coffee but coffee is an essential drink when it comes to the atmosphere of Chitral. Coffee will act as a catalyst to keep you warm in the harsh winters and energized in the mild summers.

In this article, we will point out some of the benefits of coffee while you live or stay in Chitral.

  • Health benefits:

People living in Chitral try to find different ways to keep themselves warm from the cold weather of the region. Coffee is not a way to combat the harsh weather conditions but it also keeps your brain active during the day. Most of the people start their day with a cup of espresso so that they are productive throughout their day. Medical evidence shows that people living in cold environments do not suffer from any of the downsides of coffee like increased heart rate, hypertension, insomnia and indigestion. Coffee is a healthier beverage in this context.

  • Performance enhancer:

Cold weather has a lethargic effect on a person’s body. He tries to remain indoors and limits mobility by hiding in his cozy blanket. Coffee can be helpful in this condition to increase your performance. Coffee is considered to reduce the fatigue in our body and its warm effect strengthens the contraction of muscles. The increase in fatty acids from coffee can build a stallion like endurance in the longer term.

  • Hydrating agent:

Most of us believe that coffee is an agent to induce dehydration in the body. Fitness professional is also not enthusiastic about the idea of having a sip of coffee before or after an extensive workout. However, the truth revealed by the recent studies proves that caffeine is, in reality, a stimulant to fight dehydration. Moderate consumption of coffee can have positive effects on reducing your fatigue and is also hydrating for your body. It is essential to have a hydrating agent like a coffee with you while you are climbing the mountains of Chitral.

  • Antioxidant advantages:

The tastiest and healthiest way to start your morning is to brew fresh coffee to maximize the advantages of the drink. As artificial coffee is not commonly available in Chitral, you can always opt for grinding the fresh coffee beans with fascinating aroma. Studies have concluded that drinking two to three cups of coffee in a day is a source of acquiring the antioxidants important for our brain.

People in Chitral mostly prefer tea so the cafeterias, stalls and local carts mostly sell tea of different forms. Some of the stalls also give you an option of coffee but it is not according to the taste of a regular coffee lover. However, homemade coffee is full of antioxidants beneficial for your wellbeing. You can choose the flavor and consistency of your choice and quench your thirst with darker roasted beans of coffee.  They are rich in antioxidants and can have a soothing effect to combat tension in our muscles.


  • Savior for heart and liver diseases:

According to a recent Dutch Study, moderate coffee drinkers were analyzed for over a period of 1 year and concluded that the risk of heart diseases amongst them is decreased by 20%. A trivial addition to your diet may save you from damage to your arteries caused by inflammation. The use of coffee is also beneficial for other organs of the body. For instance, a study conducted by the Archives of Internal Medicine suggests that the levels of coffee consumption have an inverse relation to the decreased risk of cirrhosis which is a type of liver cancer. It works on your liver enzymes to elevate the levels of inflammation which results in liver damage.


The health benefits of coffee are also controversial as they advocate the downsides as indigestion, insomnia and increased heart rate. These acquisitions have no supporting evidence. The city of Chitral is the place of people with ambitions and dreams who are also coffee lovers. Coffee in Chitral is cooked in different methods according to the local traditions and also a beverage for an evening snack. The advantages of coffee clearly overweigh its negative aspects. It is a way of keeping people alive and energized with scientifically agreed upon health benefits.


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