Booni road depicts criminal negligence of govt depts

BOONI: While entering Booni, the headquarters of the newly-created Upper Chitral district, it seems there is no custodian of the dilapidated road that links the town with other parts of the district.

For years, roads in Booni, even this small portion which is the only road linking to Booni, have not been reconstructed or repaired. As successive governments failed to repair the road, the TMA and the C&W department, whoever is responsible to take care of the road, remain oblivious to the destruction of the road.

Water discharging from nearby agricultural fields flows on the road creating not only hardships for pedestrians but also turning the road into a ruin. This is because the government departments never take action against those who led water flow into the road. Besides, there is no arrangement for the drainage of water to check it from flowing on the road.

AT most points, debris and other materials have fallen and accumulated on the road but there is no one to even remove them from the road.

The local people wonder why the government  remains so callous to the issue even though it declared Booni as the headquarters of the new district.– Karim Ullah


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