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Capitalizing on PM’s expected visit to Shandur

By Col (r) IkramUllah Khan

It is learnt that Chief Minister KPK has travelled to Shandur today by chopper to grace the inaugural ceremony of Shandur festival as chief guest. As chief executive of the province, he should have travelled to Shandur by road to see the road conditions on the ground. It is pathetic on the part of PTI local leadership not to play its due role in this regard. People must get hold of them.

However, everything is not lost. Still they have a good opportunity to grab as PM is expected to grace the closing ceremony of the festival as chief guest. This is an opportune moment for our local political leadership to ensure that PM travels at least one way journey to Shandur to see for himself the dilapidated conditions of communication infrastructure in Chitral particularly the miserable condition of Booni-Shandur road which has been put into backburner since the day he has come to power.

He is requested to look into the matter seriously and issue immediate orders to restart the project without further delay as it serves as a lifeline for the people of Chitral besides having strategic importance.

This is high time our local political leadership woke up from deep slumber and play its due role to redeem their past delinquencies.

Here I would urge Siraj Ulmulk sahib to chip in as a member of PM’s committee on tourism and prevail upon the PM to take practical measures to ameliorate the sufferings of the people of Chitral by taking immediate practical steps instead of mere empty political rhetoric so that it becomes visible to the people that they are living in “Naya Pakistan” otherwise people would be forced to think that “Purana Pakistan” was much better than “Naya Pakistan”.


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  1. Ikram Ullah says

    Thanks dear for endorsing my views. It is a bitter reality though it may not be to the liking of certain quarters.

  2. imdad says

    sir, you have raised very relevant point.

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