PIA to operate two special flights for Shandur festival

CHITRAL: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Friday announced two special flights to facilitate tourists to attend the three-day Shandur festival starting on July 7.

Two special flights will start operation from the Islamabad International Airport on July 7.

The flight will take off at 10:15am on July 7 from Islamabad and return to Islamabad at 11:55am,” PIA district sale manager Muhammad Ibrahim Anwar said in a statement.

He said on July 11, the PIA flight would come to Chitral at 10:15am and return to Islamabad at 11:55am.

Besides polo matches between the Gilgit-Batistan teams, paragliding, musical concerts, traditional dances would also be part of the festival.

The organisers expect a large number of spectators this year and arrangements are being made to facilitate them.

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