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The issue of hosting Shandur festival

By Col (r) Ikram Ullah Khan

It is very unfortunate that some elements from GB raise the issue of ownership of Shandur every year at the time of Shandur festival.

This time GB desires to co-host the mega event. But the history of Shandur festival is a testimony to the fact that GB has always been participating in the festival as a guest and Chitral has been hosting the event throughout its history. Now it sounds ridiculous for GB to co-host the event.

Neither law nor tradition allows such type of outlandish desire. GB people are well-advised to adhere to the well-established norms and be content with their status as a guest.

Here it needs to be clarified that “Shandur” where the residents of Laspur valley have more than 600 summer huts and pasture, and where we have Chitral Scout’s post, has never been an issue between Chitral and GB.

It is only the tract of grassy and forest land called “Khukush” and “Langar” located adjacent to Barsit, a village situated at the extreme north of Ghizer distrcict, the ownership of which has been the bone of contention between the two sides.

The case is pending before the honourable court awaiting judgement. If someone from GB side has any qualms, he should better wait for the verdict of the honourable court and not politicise the festival unnecessarily and let the festival be held as has been in the past.

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