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Study tour of Govt College of Education, Jutial

GILGIT: Study tour is a unique travel experience that blends learning with travelling and getting children exposed with different cultures, agriculture, languages, historical places and climates of the area.

Besides recreation, it also provides opportunity for individual students to utilize their potential and multiple intelligences openly such as psychomotor, social, digital, spatial, musical and intellectual domains and get prepared to cope with hardships of life. Hence, it is important for educational managers and leadership to conduct activities for students beyond their classroom routines and one of them is going on study tour.

In this regard a study tour of Government College of Education Jutial Gilgit was carried out on 22nd June 2019 to Hooper Garden Ghizer in which nearly two hundred female teacher trainees and twenty five staff members participated under the supervision of college principal Mr.Nasir Hussain. Four buses were hired for them and the journey started at 8 AM in the morning and stopped at Harpon Garden along the Ghizer road and river where breakfast was prepared. After taking breakfast, students and staff were entertained with short musical show by our support staff and some photos were also taken.

After one hour break, travelling was resumed towards the destination  and at the entrance of Gahkuch the capital town of District Ghizer the buses were stopped for short time to have panoramic view of the worth seeing area and had some photo and video clips as well. After one hour travelling finally we reached at the destination at Hooper Garden Ghizer which is a small village established into a tourist resort by making villas, huts on big trees  and greenery with pristine fast flowing channel water in and around the village.

Staff and students were very pleased to see the area and engaged in taking photo clips and selfies for themselves. Moreover, a short cultural programme was also arranged by Ghizer Arts and Cultural Council where local music, dance and comical items were presented for the picnickers  and onlookers and they were amused with their acting and creative performance.

However, the weather abruptly changed and down pour started for short time getting the event slightly perturbed but soon after the sun came out from the thick dark clouds and the weather got pleasant again. It was indeed an amusing and useful event and Principal of the said college expressed his gratitude for the guests to arrange such useful and entertaining programme.

Soon after the programme, lunch was served by the owner of the tourist garden for students and staff. They all enjoyed the tasty meal and thanked the owner for offering such delicious food.  Students and staff cleaned up the area by disposing of litters and garbage into dustbins.

Finally, at 5.30 PM we departed from there and reached in Gilgit at 8.30 and dropped students and staff members near their home stations in and around the city. Last but not least whatever experiences and observations students had gone through they were encouraged to write up reflections, articles and prepare presentations in their relevant classes and morning assembly as part of co-curricular activity. Thus by the grace of Allah the Almighty and cooperation of staff and students a fruitful and enjoyable study tour concluded successfully.


Reporting: Karim Muhammad Khan

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