DC dropped my name against selection committee’s decision: Sikendar

ISLAMABAD: Chitral A polo team captain Shahzada Sikendarul Mulk on Monday said Deputy Commissioner lower Chitral removed his name from the polo team for Shandur festival 2019 by over-ruling the decision of the selection committee.

Talking to ChitralToday on phone from Mastuj, he said the selection committee had sent the list of players to the DC that included his name as the captain of the Chitral A team.

In an office order, the DC lower Chitral on Sunday announced the names of the five teams from Chitral side claiming the names had been finalized by the selection committee at a meeting on June 29.

Shahzada Sikendar said the selection committee would announce the names of the polo players on Monday which it had sent to the DC.

He said the selection committee comprised former veteran polo players from different parts of Chitral.

In reply to a question, Shahzada Sikendar said the DC had no power to unilaterally reject or drop any player selected by the committee.

He said the polo players and horses should have reached Shandur at least one week before the start of the festival to get acclimatized but so far no team from Chitral has even departed for the venue.

On the other hand, the teams from Gilgit have already reached the venue, he added.

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