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Probe urged into ‘misuse’ of funds on incomplete PEDO project

LASPUR: People of Laspur have called upon the KP government and the chief Justice of Peshawar High Court (PHC) to order an investigation into the alleged misuse of funds allocated for the establishment of a hydro powerhouse in the area that could not be completed even after about three years.

In a press release sent to ChitralToday, Niat Wali Khan, Shah Khan Qureshi and Muhammad Wazir Khan said that in 2015 the Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization (PEDO) approved establishment of a 200 KV hydro powerhouse in Laspur.

Work on the project started in April 2016 and a According to the plan was to be completed by Dec 2016.

They said the local community chopped down their 200 trees at the project site and provided gravel, sand and other material for the powerhouse.

But even after about three years, neither civil work on the project has been completed nor transmission lines could be laid. They said PEDO, AKRSP and the contractor spent over Rs15 million on paper and left the project incomplete.

The community leaders demanded that the government seize all records of the project and launch a probe into the alleged misuse of the funds and take action against all those responsible for the failure of the project.


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  1. Dr Inayayullah Faizi says

    Well done Niat Wali and team! Keep up tHe good initiative, exposing corruption and mismanagement of funds. Continue your compaign through posters. Also senpartmentd your complaint tO CM and PM via citizen portal. It will be good to approach NAB and Anti corruption Departmment with legal petitions.

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