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Transfer of Class-IV on basis of domicile to Upper Chitral opposed

CHITRAL: Naib nazim Mastuj tehsil Fakhruddin on Thursday criticized the KP government and the district administration for transferring Class-IV employees on the basis of their domicile from lower Chitral to the new district of Upper Chitral.

Addressing a press conference here, he said the new district had no infrastructure and other facilities and the transfer of low grade employees from lower Chitral to the new district was creating problems from them.

He said the people of Upper Chitral were happy over the creation of the new district in the hope that it would create new job opportunities for them.

But now low grade employees from the area already working in lower Chitral were being dislocated and sent to to Upper Chitral to fill vacant posts in Booni.

He said he was not against the transfer of employees to fill technical posts but dislocation of classic IV staff would create lots of problems for the employees.

The naib nazim also regretted a demand made by local government representatives from lower Chitral to send district government employees holding the domicile of Upper Chitral to the new district ans said this would create hatred and divisions among the people of Chitral.

Mr Fakhruddin asked the government to stop the process of transferring Class IV employees from lower to Upper Chitral and put in place all missing facilities in the new district.

Reporting: Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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