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Cement-loaded Mazda falls into river as part of bridge collapses

YARKHUN: A Mazda carrying cement bags fell off a bridge in front of Yukum village on Thursday morning but the driver remained safe.

The Mazda (AG 4530) was loaded with 80 bags of cement and going to Meragram No 2. When it was about to cross over to Yukum side on River Yarkhun, the dilapidated bridge could not bear the load and a portion of it collapsed.

As a result, the rear side of the vehicle fell off the bridge along with the cement into the river while the bumper and front seats remained hanging from the bridge.

The driver identified as Noor Khan, a resident of Charun, remained safe.

Traffic on the road to scores of villages on Meragram side is suspended. People gathered to retrieve the part of the vehicle from the bridge.

Bridges in almost all parts of Chitral have worn out due to lack of maintenance and repair for years. Most of the bridges over rivers and streams were badly affected in the 2015 floods and some of them collapsed but were never repaired.

In subsequent bridge collapse incidents, scores of people lost their lives and limbs in Mulkhow and other areas after the floods.

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