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Abdul Latif should apologize to people of Mastuj: Habibullah

MASTUJ: Former general secretary PTI Mastuj tehsil Mr Habibullah has said before declaring others as political orphans PTI Chitral president Abdul Latif should think about his own political standing.

He said Mr Latif lost the general elections and even the local government polls and was now describing his rivals as political orphans.

He said Mr Latif never worked for the welfare of the people and when Upper Chitral was facing a power crisis and people were holding protests he used to issue statements against them.

Now when there are no indications of work on the construction of Shandur and Broghil roads and people have decided to launch a protest, Mr Latif has again started spewing venom against the people’s representatives.

Mr Habib warned that if Mr Latif did not tender an apology to the people of Laspur, Mastuj and Yarkhun for his recent statements, he would not be able to set foot in the area in future.


Reporting: Karim Ullah

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