“Shandur road to be blocked if demands not met by 24th”

MASTUJ: If there is no tangible progress on the repair and reconstruction of Booni, Shandur and Yarkhun roads by June 24, the people of Mastuj will block the road to Shandur by staging a protest sit-in before the start of the annual polo festival in July.

This warning was issued by notables of union councils Mastuj, Laspur and Yarkhun following a meeting today.

They said for the last over 70 years the locals have been facing discrimination and deprivation even though their area was of a vital strategic importance and famous for its tourist spots such as Shandur and Broghil.

The roads in the area are presenting the look of ruins due to which no tourist is ready to visit the tourist spots.

They said for years government and elected representatives have been befooling the local people regarding their demand to reconstruct the Shandur and Broghil roads.

They said if there was no assurance from the government side in a written form by June 24, they would block the Shandur road at Mastuj bridge.

They also called upon the polo association to join hands with the local people and boycott the festival if the government does not promise to reconstructs the roads.


Reporting: Karim Ullah



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