Pir Karam dispels doubts about his ownership on land

BOONI: Former governor Gilgit-Baltistan Pir Syed Karam Ali Shah on Monday made it clear that the land in Junalikoch has been his family property for generations but due to his long absence from Chitral because of his political and other engagements in GB some people in Chitral were trying to create suspicions about his ownership on the land.

Addressing a gathering of people from different parts of Upper Chitral during his visit to Booni on Monday, Pir Karam said his family had cordial relations with people belonging to all schools of thought in Chitral. This relationship extended over centuries during which his family always worked for promotion of inter-communal harmony in the area.

Two sons of the Pir Karam – Syed Jalal Ali Shah and Engineer Syed Kamal Ali Shah – also accompanied him.

On May 27, some people at a press conference in Chitral town claimed that a man from Gilgit-Baltistan (Pir Karam) had occupied about 800 kanals in Qaqlasht.

Pir Karam said Chitral was his family’s first home and the land in Junalikoch was called Khandan after his family.

Pir Karam said his followers and well-wishers had always looked after his property at Junalikoch, Upper Chitral. He said this land had been with his family for over four generations.

Pir Karam said the land in Junalikoch and Oveer had been given to his forefathers by the Khush Ahmed rulers of Chitral and later Mehtar Shujaul Mulk in writing endorsed it as his family’s property and the document was still available with him.

The Mehtar in writing also defined the boundaries of the land in Junalikoch according to which it spread from Zakheli mountain in the north of Junalikoch to the middle of Qaqlasht. The land from Booni Lasht to Mastuj river had been under the possession of Pir Jalal Shah.

He said due to his political and other engagements in Gilgit-Baltsitan, he could not frequently visit Chitral and taking advantage of his absence some people in Chitral were trying to create suspicion about the Pir’s ownership on the land.

He said there was no state land in whole Chitral and all barren land and riverbeds were shamilat and community land but some elements were trying to declare the community land as state land.

Speaking on the occasion, village council nazim Pervez Lal, social and political activist Syed Sardar Hussain Shah, retired subedar Noor Hussain, Mr Ahmed from Morder, Kashafat Younus and others said no one from the area had ever claimed ownership on the land that belonged to the Pir family.

They regretted that some people who had no knowledge of the ownership of the land, at a press conference and through social media had tried to declare the land belonging to Pir Karam as state land.

They said the land owned by the Pir was clear and known to all and there was no need to make it disputed. They said people of Upper Chitral know well that the Junalikoch land was a property of Pir Karam.

Reporting: Syed Nazir Hussain Shah

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