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PPP slams govt for burdening masses with price hikes, taxes

BOONI: PPP Upper Chitral at a meeting on Saturday lambasted the PTI government for continuously burdening the masses with price hikes and new taxes and arresting opposition leaders through a selective accountability process to conceal its failures.

The meeting held at the PTDC motel was chaired by senior party activist Chairman Durdana Shah, says a press release.

The participants of the meeting said the result of the victimization of opposition leaders in the name of accountability would lead to the end of the PTI rule.

They said within less than a year since the PTI came to power with tall claims of making a Naya (new) Pakistan, the lives of the masses had been made miserable by over 100 per cent increase in the prices of essential accommodates.

They said the people were mentally prepared and waiting for a call by opposition parties to launch a drive to kick out the government from power.

The participants also chanted slogans against the government on the occasion.

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    Beganee shadi maan Abdullah dewana

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